Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week of January 31

The +10 Mindset
We are beginning the process of defining our mission, vision and motto.  At BRISD we are chasing excellence by ensuring that we equip every BRISD educator to be their absolute best at what they do, so that they can help every student grow into the excellence that we know is deep inside them.

WE WANT YOUR INPUT - What would be a motto that would fully describe this mindset for developing excellence in every student.

Upcoming Events
The baseball field will have lights this
season.  Qualite Inc. will have poles completed
by February 1.

  • Fri, 1/27 - HS BB vs Trenton HERE
  • Tue, 1/31 - HS BB vs Bland AWAY
  • Thu, 2/2 - JH BB vs Wolfe City AWAY
  • Fri, 2 /3 - HS BB vs Celeste HERE (SENIOR NIGHT)
  • Fri, 2 /3 - End of 3 Weeks
  • Fri, 2/3 - Wear Red Day for American Heart Association
  • Sat, 2/4 - JH BB District Tournament - Dodd City

District Calendar
Elementary School Calendar
Middle School Calendar
High School Calendar
Athletic Calendar

Thank you to Faith Jech for sponsoring awards for our
Teachers of the Month.  We are honored to have her support.

American Heart Association

Please read the letter below to join our district initiative to be a healthy community with the American Health Association (AHA)

BRES earns State Arts Grant
The Texas Commission on the Arts has granted BRES half of the artistic fee to have A Day of Drumming come to the school.  On January 31, the students will spend their rotation time learning about the music and culture of West Africa, play a drum or hand instrument, and learn how teamwork, self-expression, listening & communication work within the drum circle.  Here's a link to their website:  Special thanks goes to BRES Counselor, Missy Douglas for getting this grant for our kids.

BRISD presents at TCEA State Conference
We are very honored that our district was selected to share their expertise at the Texas Computer Educators Association Convention in February.  Our district will present on the topic of Chromebooks & GAFE: Endless Possibilities.  Our students already had Google Apps for Education accounts, but not until the implementation of Chromebooks did we really see our students truly engaged when using technology! In this session, we'll cover the many ways we use GAFE, including Chrome apps, extensions and Google Drive add-ons used by our students in our 1:1 Chromebook initiative.

Our district presenters include:  Anthony Figueroa, Scott Leslie, Katie Pelzel, Kimberly Fritchman, Mary Townsend, Melissa Stiney, Stephanie McPherson, Dena Hamilton, Amy Hopkins.  The team will present on Monday, February 6.  Congratulations to them.

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