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Week of January 24

The +10 Mindset
Thank you BRISD School Board Members
From L-R - John Wink, Seth McGinnis, Gary Lillard,
Tammy Phillips, Kevin Dauster, Brad Duncan, Mike
McCreary, Joe Harvey (not pictured)
The first semester of school has come to an end, and we are officially half way through the year.  As we head into the second semester, I want to encourage you to work with your child to increase in their efforts in school.  As our children's first teacher, it is critical that we, as parents, preach the importance of hardwork and digging deeper in learning each and every day.

At the end of the day, our children are listening especially when we don't think they are.  With each passing conversation, question about their school day, interest in their academic performance, and demand for their absolute best, parents shape and mold their children into responsible adults.  Don't miss the opportunity to set growth goals for the 2nd semester. They could be just the thing that propels your child to discover their true excellence.

Upcoming Events
Our students are setting growth goals
based on their 3rd 6 weeks assessment.

  • Fri, 1/20 - HS vs. Honey Grove HOME
  • Sat, 1/21 - 7th Boys BB at Honey Grove Tourney
  • Sat, 1/21 - HS Powerlifting Boys at S&S
  • Tue, 1/24 - HS BB vs Wolfe City AWAY
  • Thu, 1/26  JH BB vs Celeste HERE
  • Fri, 1/27 - HS BB vs Trenton HERE

District Calendar
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High School Calendar
Athletic Calendar

Here is a Link to the Senate Education Committee
This link has their contact information, and I am encouraging them to pass legislation that helps public education.

FFA Excels at Collin County Show
We are so proud of Leslie Packard for leading our FFA students to excellence. With the help of outstanding parents, Blue Ridge FFA earned a tremendous number of accolades at the Collin County Show last week.  Below is a list of all of our accolades. Congratulations to everyone involved.


Brennan Garner: Breed Champion Beefmaster Heifer
Congrats to our Teachers and Leaders of the Month
From Top L - Cole Jenkins (MS), Gerald Young, Tammy Wall,
Pat Beausejour (Custodians), Leslie Packard (HS),
Melissa Stiney (ES)
Garrett Mathers: Breed Champion Limousin Heifer
Carson Garner: Reserve Champion Beefmaster Heifer
Kaitlyn Garner: 1st Place Beefmaster Heifer
Krystal Levitt: 2nd Place Beefmaster Heifer
Ross Feagins: 2nd Place Polled Hereford Heifer
Ryan Rodriguez: 2nd Place Polled Hereford Heifer
Katherine Henric: 3rd Place Shorthorn Heifer
Bryce Jurca: 3rd Place Shorthorn Heifer

KC Swift: Champion Steer British Division
Jaci Horton: 1st Place Heavyweight British 
Mckenna Quillin: 2nd Place Medium Weight European 
Alyssa Swift: 3rd Place American
Kelsie Kennon: 4th Place Heavyweight European

Brennan Garner: Champion Breeding Ewe
Carson Garner: Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe
Brennan Garner: Champion Breeding Division
Carson Garner: Champion and Reserve Champion Finewool Cross
Kaitlyn Garner: 2nd Place Southdown
Brennan Garner: Champion Medium Wool & Grand Overall
Carson Garner: 3rd Overall
Kaitlyn Garner: 1st Place Medium Wool
Abi Sullivan: 5th Place Medium Wool
Erin Blackburn: 8th Place Medium Wool

Jaci Horton: Breed Champion Hampshire
Kelsie Kennon: Reserve Breed Champion Cross
Jimmy Fortner: 2nd Place Duroc
Blake Rushing: 3rd Place Cross
Gillian Fortner: 4th Place Duroc
Jacob Varner: 4th Place Cross
Garrett Varner: 4th Place Cross
Zoe Sadler: 4th Place Hampshire
Logan Blackburn: 5th Place Chester
Bryce Jurca: 5th Place Duroc
Justice Morman: 6th Place Duroc
Jimmy Fortner: Champion Junior Showman


Rachel Evans: 2nd Place Asymmetrical Design
Keeley Jurca: 4th Place 
Kelsie Kennon: 4th Place Round Design

Thank you Board of Trustees from BRHS

Your Input Matters
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  1. There are so many fantastic things in your message that we need to see and hear this week! Thank you for celebrating all things BR, especially our All Star School Board. They do wonderful things for us and are always supportive of our efforts as a district, and individuals in the classroom. Also thank you for encouraging parents to continue their efforts at home. As a teacher, parents are my number one greatest asset, and I am not successful in the classroom without them! Thank you!