Friday, November 18, 2016

Week of November 28

Happy Thanksgiving
School will be closed from Monday, 11/21 - 11/25 for the Thanksgiving break.  School will resume at its normal time on Monday, 11/28.  We hope that your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

Thank you BRISD Staff
To all BRISD staff, I would like to say a special thank you for all that you do.  Thank you for:

  • Believing that all kids are special and can learn at high levels,
  • All the extra hours you spend doing whatever it takes to help all kids learn,
  • Holding yourselves and students to high standards of excellence,
  • Giving the extra effort at times when you wanted to give up,
  • Helping your peers grow in their craft,
  • Making BRISD the special district that it is.

Would you like to thank someone in BRISD?
If you have a minute, please drop a comment to tell us who you are thankful for at BRISD.

The +10 Mindset
Example of a +10 Student Goal Sheet.
These sheets are completed by all students at the end
of each 6 weeks formative assessment.
Students just completed their 2nd formative assessment of the year.  Students completed their goal sheets like the one you see to the right.  The top half is a bar graph that shows their overall performance and growth over time.  The bottom half of the sheet breaks down their growth by essential skill that students were assessed on this past week.

When visiting with your students, ask them how much growth they made from the 1st 6 weeks.  Also ask them which skills had growth as well.  If your student doesn't know, please contact your child's teacher to gain more information.  They will be able to explain your child's growth from the 1st 6 weeks.

At BRISD, our goal is simple.  
Every student will reach their +10 goal in all subjects for the year.

Upcoming Events

BRES students enjoyed limo rides to
Cici's for being the fundraiser winners.
  • Thu, 11/17 - Sat, 11/19 - Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament
  • Mon, 11/21 - Fri, 11/25 - THANKSGIVING BREAK
  • Mon, 11/28 - JH Basketball vs. Celeste 4:30 AWAY
  • Tue, 11/29 - HS Basketball vs. Ector 5:00 AWAY
  • Thu, 12/1 - Blue Ridge will host the CSTA Meeting (Community Schools Transformation Alliance)
  • Thu, 12/2 - HS Girls Basketball at Valley View Tournament
  • Sat, 12/3 - MS UIL One Act Play in Trenton
  • Sat, 12/3 - Blue Ridge Christmas Parade at 6:30 p.m.

District Calendar
Elementary School Calendar
Middle School Calendar
High School Calendar
Athletic Calendar

Additional Information
Veterans Day was a Huge Success!
Here are 2 excellent guest articles by Mrs. Wade's English students, Hannah Hinkle anCorina Martinez

Veterans leading the "Missing Man Table Ceremony"
By Hannah Hinkle
In a high school gym decorated with red white and blue, full of our Blue Ridge students and our veterans, we celebrate Veterans Day. A day to honor, thank and appreciate our veterans who have fought and those who are still fighting for our country. First we were led in prayer with everybody on their feet, praying together for our veterans, soon following the pledge of allegiance. United together, hands on our hearts, we sang the star spangled banner, led by the Blue Ridge second graders. As our guest speakers spoke about the veterans and their families, our hearts felt for the veterans who have served in the Military. Following the guest speakers was the “Missing Man Table Ceremony”, this is a ceremony in honor of our fallen soldiers. There is a round table, a cloth; a rose; a ribbon; a candle; the bible and an empty chair set up like a dining table. Each of these items represent the soldier, their family and their service to our country, we remember. The feeling throughout the gymnasium was one of somber remembrance. As we honor our soldiers, whether it be a friend or loved one, we remember. Standing together, we honored our veterans from all branches of the military, as our band played a song from every military branch. Though tears were shed, it was incredible to come together as a school and community to honor our veterans, we are grateful to have this day to remember and appreciate them and what they have fought for.

By Corina Martinez:

"You didn't earn the right to freedom, they earned it. You had it handed to you." A quote by Darryl Moore while honoring his fellow veterans in the Blue Ridge Veterans Day celebration. On November 11, 2016 Darryl Moore, a U.S. Army and 3-time all American Post Commander, gave a whole-hearted speech about what it means to have freedom. The above quote represents what men and women around the U.S. are dedicating and accomplishing in order for U.S. citizens to live a life of freedom. Mr. Moore gave gratitude for his fallen brothers and the brave soldiers still serving to this day by presenting a memorial known as the 'missing man table.' He taught the citizens of Blue Ridge that freedom is a privelage because of the people that risk their lives everyday. Mr. Moore along with thousands of Americans are heroes. As residents of this magnificent country we must stand together and say 'we remember'.

Your Input Matters
If you have a question, suggestion, or comment, please let a comment below. Comments are not published immediately. Please do not leave negative comments about individual people. If you have a negative comment, please email the principal, superintendent or call 972-752-5554.


  1. I am thankful for teachers like Mrs. Todd who are willing to step out of their comfort zone to provide more learning opportunities for our students. She is teaching my oldest son, so many great skills in her cooking class this year! This class is new for her, but she took on the challenge and has created a class that my son looks forward to everyday. Thank you Mrs. Todd!

  2. So proud of my students! Great job! :)