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Week of March 27

The +10 Mindset

STAAR Week Message
Next week students will be taking the STAAR test, and this test is important as it gives us one piece of data to gauge our ability to grow students into the excellence we know each student possesses.  However it is also important to note that our performance on this test does not tell the entire story of all that we do for kids in Blue Ridge ISD.

While we teach kids to read, we teach them to respect one another, adults and authority.  While we will teach kids to solve math problems, we also empower them to solve challenging problems happening in our school and community.  While we prepare kids for science and social studies, we create supports that prepare them to excel in society.  We prepare them to win in extracurricular events and to excel in service organizations and fine arts program.   Blue Ridge ISD is #MoreThanATest, and we are #MoreThanAGrade.

We are a district of outstanding educators who go above and beyond to meet the needs of all kids.  We are a small school with big dreams, and we are a community that is committed to ensure that every students is prepared to Learn, Grow and Excel.  Simply put, Blue Ridge is the B_Ridge to Excellence, and I am honored to be a part of this fantastic community.

Thank you teachers for all of your hard work preparing kids to Learn, Grow and Excel.  Thank you students for your diligent work to meet your +10 goals and thank you parents for instilling the value of hard work, perseverance and dedication.  Together we will ensure that Blue Ridge becomes the shining star in Texas.

Teachers, Leaders and Volunteers of the Month

In the March board meeting, the board recognized our teachers, leaders and volunteers of the month.  Congratulations to the following:

Teachers of the Month

  • Ashley Elder (RIGHT) for her hard work in helping our 5th grade reading students get prepared for the STAAR test.  In the last month, 5th grade saw an increase of 10% in their iStation performance.
  • Gayla Brummett (Not Pictured) for her ability to provide rigorous learning in 8th grade math.  Her journals were featured in our board meeting as an example of her hard work.
  • Derek Gourley (Not Pictured) for sharing his passion of US History with our students and for his ability to inspire his students to love the subject as much as he does.

Staff Leaders of the Month

  • Jennifer Stroup (RIGHT) for all that she does to organize and lead several student organizations such as Science Club, UIL Academics, Prom Committee, Football Boosters, and any other need that arises.
  • Dena Hamilton (RIGHT) for leading the Beta Club as sponsor and successfully doubling enrollment and pushing the organization to adopt several service projects which directly benefit the Blue Ridge community.

Volunteers of the Month
  • Richard Agan (RIGHT) for his years of service to our athletic program and willingness to help our coaches and students as well as for modeling his perpetually positive attitude and servanthood.
  • Stacy Morgan (RIGHT) for his service to our track program and other organization by giving of his time to work concession stands and helping our kids excel in athletics.
  • Gage Roberson (Not Pictured) for being a model student who is willing to volunteer in any capacity for any organization without being asked.  You will see Gage volunteering virtually everywhere in BRISD.  
  • Carolyn Wink (Not Pictured) for the work and organization she put in to creating the BRISD Food Pantry and for coordinating with the Beta Club and Science Club to provide food to over 12 families.

Science Club shopping at Wal Mart for BRISD Food Pantry

Upcoming Events  

  • Fri, 3/24  
    BRES students are preparing for the STAAR test
    next week by having fun, interactive learning tasks.
    Above shows the 4th grade writing camp.
    • End of 3rd 9 Weeks
    • Early Release at 12:30
    • One Act Play at Sulphur Springs
    • Softball vs. Tom Bean AWAY
    • Baseball vs. Trenton AWAY
  • Sat, 3/25 - HS UIL Academics at Blue Ridge ISD
  • Mon, 3/27 - Beginning of the 4th 9 Weeks
  • Mon, 3/27 - Golf at Webb Hill Tournament
  • Tue, 3/28 - STAAR Testing for 4 & 7 Writing,  5 & 8 Math and English 1
  • Tue, 3/28 - Baseball vs. Ector HERE
  • MS math students learning
    measurement in real world situations.
    Wed, 3/29 - STAAR Testing for 5 & 8 Reading
  • Wed, 3/29 - JH Track Meet at Howe
  • Thu, 3/30 - STAAR Testing for English 2
  • Thu, 3/30 - STAR Night at BRES at 6 p.m.
  • Thu, 3/30 - HS Track Meet at Howe
  • Fri, 3/31
    • STAAR Make-up Testing Day
    • District Tennis at Princeton
    • Report Cards go home
    • Softball vs Bells HOME
    • Baseball vs. Bland AWAY

District Calendar
Elementary School Calendar
Middle School Calendar
High School Calendar



#TxEdTuesday we honored #FineArts in Blue
Ridge.  Alise Burke, Art Teacher is a huge
part of the Fine Arts success we have in BRISD.
The #TxEdTuesday campaign rolls on. Fine Arts posts and great stories from public schools reached
about 500,000 people on Twitter this week. 300 plus users chimed in on Texas public schools with positive stories. Please continue to support this campaign as our legislators turn their attention to public education matters. 

WEEK 8 FOCUS: - March 28
We will use the  #TxEdTuesday  and #MoreThanATest hashtags to highlight successes in our schools that aren't measured on the STAAR test. You are invited to showcase the excellence in BR that can't be measured on a test on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

BRISD Mission, Vision, Motto

On Monday, 3/20, the Board of Trustees adopted our new mission, vision, motto for the district.  It was developed by the district visioning committee consisting of parents, teachers, administrators and the board.  We hope you like them as much as we do.

Additional Information

Congratulations to Melissa Stiney for being selected to present at the 2017 TCEA Tots and Technology Conference on July 17, 2017 in Arlington.  Ms. Stiney is a leading expert in the use of SeeSaw as a learning tool and communication tool with parents.  Please join us in congratulating her.
Below is a video that shows what Ms. Stiney's students are doing in her classroom.

Your Input Matters

If you have a question, suggestion, or comment, please let a comment below. Comments are not published immediately. Please do not leave negative comments about individual people. If you have a negative comment, please email the principal, superintendent or call 972-752-5554.

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