BRidge to Excellence Training

Go to

Click on BRidge to Excellence Training
Password - tigers17

Your Morning Work Tasks!

1. Today's Backchannel
  • Today's hashtag is #BRISDLearns
  • Share your learning on Twitter and chat with one another while we learn together.
2. Handouts - CLICK hyperlink to access your digital copies.

3. Essential Standard Analysis Sheet
  • Open the link
  • Click File --> Make a Copy
  • Rename the Copy

4. Bell Ringer

  • Use your phone and follow the instructions.
  • BONUS - Create your own Mentimeter account and share your first question with your friends.

Reflection Board

  • Double Click on the water in the Padlet.
  • Write your name in the section with large letters.
  • Write your response in the section with small letters.
  • BONUS - Add a picture, video, file, document or audio file for kicks.

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